Operas from 1969

Operas from 1969

Watch Operas from 1969, where you will find Zar und Zimmermann, Diabły z Loudun, Help, Help, the Globolinks! and much more.

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Operas from 1969
  • Zar und Zimmermann (1969)

    "What better legacy could an opera-house director leave behind him than a string of excellent theatrical productions! Rolf Liebermann (1910-1999), who was actually a composer, certainly succeeded in doing this – particularly during the 14 years from 1959 to 1973 that he spent in charge of Hamburg...

  • Diabły z Loudun (1969)

    Penderecki’s first opera “The Devils of Loudun” had its world premiere in 1969 at the Hamburg State Opera. This film adoption, recorded in the same year shortly after the premiere, reunified the original cast of this premiere – e.g. Tatiana Troyanos with an amazing and breathtaking interpretation...

  • Help, Help, the Globolinks! (1969)

    """Attention, attention! Unknown flying objects from another planet and creatures identified so far only as Globolinks have landed on Planet Earth. All citizens are asked to remain calm. Be on your guard. Stay tuned for further broadcasts. THE GLOBOLINKS ARE HERE!""

    A scene from a science fic...